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Features API Gateways

API Gateways


The Meta Registry Application Layer is the software kernel responsible for all registry/registrar/reseller transactions. It also performs the dispatching to the different registry handlers. It unifies all commands to a single set in order to handle all services.

Whenever a registry allows registration and management of domain names in real-time, EuropeanNIC supports these real-time specifications. To take full advantage, resellers should consider using one of our real-time protocols.

Resellers can connect to the Meta Registry through web interface or API . The different API gateways are EPP, XRRP, XML, SOAP, HTTPS and SMTP (E-Mail). All business operations through the Meta Registry are completely automated, allowing us to offer particularly favorable prices.

EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol)



HTTPS socket

SMTP (E-Mail)

All processes via "Meta Registry" are completely automated, which enables you to offer specially attractive pricinag.


  • EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol):

EuropeanNIC supports the EPP standard 1.0, the RFC 4930-4933 standards and the RCC 1.1 name space. We are able to use any existing EPP SDK to register international domain names. The EPP system translates the commands in real-time in the respective format used by the connected registries.

For accessing our EPP-system, please use the following connection-parameters:

# LIVE - system:
Port: 700

# OT/E - system:
Port: 1700

Here an example of how the extensions must be set up:

<keysys:create -xmlns:keysys="">


  • RRP / XRRP:

The eXtended Registry Registrar Protocol (XRRP) is a protocol for the registration and management of domain names and associated nameservers. XRRP is an improved version of the former RRP version (used by VeriSign to manage the .com, .net and .org zone).

command = checkDomain
domain =
code = 210
description = Domain name available



Access to the EuropeanNIC system is also possible with SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and XML-RPC (Extensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Call). The modules are delivered in PERL and PHP languages.

Please set the parameter "s_opmode" to "OTE" to connect to our OT&E - environment.
For access using our SOAP - API, use the following connection - parameters:

Without SSL proxy =>
With SSL proxy    =>


For access with perl, we recommend using "SOAP::Lite", please have a look at the example below.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use SOAP::Lite; #+trace => debug;
use Data::Dumper;
my $soap = SOAP::Lite
     -> uri('urn:Api')
     -> proxy('')

my @commands = (
          's_login' => 'demo',
          's_pw' => 'demoote',
          's_opmode' => 'OTE',
          'command' => 'CheckDomain',
          'domain' => '',
my $res = $soap->xcall(@commands);
print Dumper($res->result) . "\n";


We recommend to use the PHP-internal SOAP - functions for accessing our SOAP - API with PHP. Please have a look at the example below.

$client = new SoapClient(NULL,
          "location" => "",
//        "location" => "",
          "uri" => "urn:Api",
          "style" => SOAP_RPC,
          "use" => SOAP_ENCODED,
$params = array(
          -"s_login" => "demo",
          -"s_pw" => "demoote",
          -"s_opmode" => "OTE",
          -"command" => "CheckDomain",
          -"domain" => ""
$result = $client->__call("xcall",
          "uri" => "urn:Api",
          "soapaction" => "urn:Api#xcall")
print_r($result); ?>

  • HTTPS socket:

You can also connect by using the following HTTP(s) call. The API commands are passed on through the parameters.

Connection data for the HTTPS - socket

# OT&E - URL

If you do not add the parameter "s_opmode=OTE", you will connect to our live-system and may be charged for operations.


wget -nv "
s_opmode=OTE&s_login=demo&s_pw=demoote&command=checkdomain&" -O

code = 210
description = Domain name available
2009-11-06 09:25:45 URL:
s_opmode=OTE&s_login=demo&s_pw=demoote&command=checkdomain& [90] -> "" [1]


curl "

code = 210
description = Domain name not available


  • SMTP (E-Mail) Gateway:

The email gateway is a tool which enables resellers to register and administer domain names according to the “old standard” of InterNIC. This tool is reliable and is still used by many of our customers.

A basic "CheckDomain" command looks like the following:

s_login = demo
s_pw = demoote
s_opmode = OTE
command = CheckDomain
domain =


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